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RegNow Affiliate Program

Join EasiestSoft affiliate program, earn high commission right now! All new affiliates are automatically approved. All these products have trial versions that allow users download and try it.

How to be an affiliate?
Joining is free and getting started is simple. Start with visiting at:
Complete an online sign-up form, and then you will receive affiliate ID via email. RegNow provides a safe and effective online purchasing solution. Get custom build of our products and start to make money!

How to sell products as an affiliate?
Directly link to RegNow with the product's order form with
Put the product ID in RegNow after "/add/", and your RegNow affiliate ID after "affiliate_id=".

How to build the Windows custom version by myself?
For example, RegNow Affiliate ID is 56782.

  1. Rename the file name from "eas-video-converter-for-windows.exe" to "eas-video-converter-for-windows_r56782.exe", Note: please don't miss the 'r' before 56782.
  2. Directly link to RegNow with the product's ID and your affiliate ID (recommended):

Why join our affiliate program?

  1. High commission
  2. We passed RegNow site certification.(You will lost 1/3 money if the vendor's main site does not use RegNow)
  3. Our Windows products passed RegNow product certification
  4. Our products have high Power Rank on RegNow affiliate system
  5. Easiest way to get your latest custom build, just simply link to regnow with product's ID and your affiliate ID
  6. We will disable relationship with affiliates which have offered high discount, ensure you will never outplayed with discount focused affiliates

EasiestSoft affiliate program policy:
1. Affiliate must use RegNow system for our product.
2. All affiliate must keep the same price to end-user, NO Discount!
3. NOTE: If the end-customer request refund and we decide to refund too, the affiliate commission will be refunded to the end-customer too.

Below is our RegNow vendor info:
Company Name: EasiestSoft
RegNow ID: 37488

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