How to Download Video Clip Cutter Software 2022 for Windows 10

How to Cut a Clip from a Video or Movie on Windows 10, 7, Vista, XP PC

Step 1, Download Easiest Cut Video Clips software

Step 2, Click the Cutter button, then select Advanced Video Cutter

Video Clip Cutter, select Advanced Vicdeo Cutter

Step 3, Cutting Movie Clip

How to cutting Movie Clips

  1. Click Add File to load Movie

  2. Drag the Sliders to set the start/end point

  3. Click the Start Button to cut a clip from the movie

Step 4, check the result video clip

Check result video clip

Click Open Output when done to check the result video clip


The default "Output Format" is Keep Original Video Format, which works fine in most cases, but if you fail to cut the video clip, try clicking the Output Format drop-down list to manually select the output format

Set output video clip format