We create real heaven on Earth

The is the guide on how to create a real Heaven on Earth

    My name is King Eca, I'm 46 and I decided to do something good for humanity before it was too late

    King Eca is born for truth

    • Since I was 10, I knew my mission is to discover the truth and tell it to people
    • I will never lie
    • Old Religions may still be valuable to some people, but for me they are not enough
    • I respect science, modern physics basically tells the truth, but it's not enough for me

    I tried for more than two decades to find a master worth following, unfortunately, I failed, I couldn't find a master with more free will. If there is no math book in the world and you have to learn math, then the only way is to invent math yourself, and then you will be the greatest mathematician

    There is no Heaven above the sky. The dead are really dead, no Heaven or hell is waiting for the dead. The only way for anyone who wants to enter Heaven is to follow King Eca to create the greatest country on earth, and I call this greatest country simply Heaven

    Three kinds of "eternal life"

    Why free will is very important? because it has something to do with eternal life. I will introduce a way to be eternal life, and only those with more free will has the possibility to understand what I'm talking about

    A new question arises: What is eternal life?

    There are three kinds of eternal life

    • Become eternal life after death

      I also call it eternal life in dreams. It exists in many religious stories

    • Fake eternal life

      In the distant future, through biotechnology and medicine, it is possible for a person to survive for a long time. It is impossible to archive eternal life in this way, even if it does, it is some kind of cancer that will eventually be destroyed

    • Connected eternal life

      This is the real eternal life. Wait...what is Connected eternal life? It has to do with space-time in physics. In physics, changes in space cause changes in time

      However, the space-time in physics is difficult to understand, it doesn't matter, you just follow me, let us explore the mystery of eternal life together

    2019-12-29 King Eca