Humans almost do not have free will, but the Universe does

That is, compared with the free will of the Universe, humans have almost no free will

The deep meaning of free will: having the will to improve everything

A person with free will means that she is always willing to do things that others and herself are not used to, but this kind of thing does not happen by default because no one wants to always make people(including herself) unhappy or uncomfortable, all of us locked up by others and our past, so we have little free will

For example, Darwin was the greatest evolutionary scientist of the time, but he couldn't say it himself, he had better say that he was a little stupid, so later scientists might be confused: Was Darwin really stupid? Of course, Darwin is not stupid, but others are

As another example, even if people know that standing at study / work is good for health, most people don't do it, they are locked up by their past self. I (King Eca) is standing writing this article, I try my best to make good changes in everything

Here I introduce the deep meaning of free will. A person with free will not only means that she will try to do everything differently, but further means that she wants to improve everything. Doing things differently is the way, and improving everything is the goal

Please note that I used the word everything instead of something and we will practice/increase our free will in everything

King Eca is the man with the most free will

  1. He is trying to do things differently to find better ways of doing things
  2. He found that standing at work is good for health
  3. From that day, He started to stand instead of sit at work
  4. King Eca keeps improving
  5. ...

I don't want to talk too much about myself here, because readers may not be used to it for the time being. But I have shown something special:

What is the connected eternal life

Now let me assume that everyone is willing to improve everything

  • We are all stand and work, and when I met you, we all felt we were the same at this point
  • None of us smoke and when I met you we all felt that we were the same at this point
  • None of us drink and when I met you we all felt that we were the same at this point
  • ...

It can be imagined that as time goes by, we will increasingly feel that our lives are connected to each other. This is the connection between lives, the connection is the source of happiness

If in the end most of the things we do are the same, this is what I call connected eternal life

Unless all of us die, no one will die

If you can't imagine this true eternal life, then think about our body, if one cell in our body dies, it has no effect on life, all cells in our body are almost the same

Maybe you can’t accept eternal life is possible, but I believe it ’s true, because someone did it, the someone is the universe we live in

This is a universe with complete free will

No one can destroy the atom unless she destroys the entire universe first

All atoms in the universe are (almost) identical, at least one cannot find any difference between two atoms. We can imagine that no atom in the universe is lonely, just like any cell in our body is not lonely

We can say that any atom in the universe has reached eternal life

Why can atoms reach eternal life and humans can only reach it in dreams?

Because compared to the universe, humans have almost no free will, and humans are even reluctant to accept this fact (oh, they have free will to delete this post)

Why people inevitably die

If many people are willing to increase their free will, then we may build a real heaven on earth, it is a greatest country composed of more free will people, but it is not enough to call it the greatest country, I Call it heaven

Why do people have to die? Because they don't know how to connect with each other deeply, instead they connect with themselves (more precisely with their child). If you die, but your daughter is still alive, it can be said that 50% of you are still alive, and eventually the world will lose you (0.00000000000001 of you may still live in the world). The only way to archive eternal life is if we are together Build heaven on earth

You might say that you don't care about eternal life and you feel happy with your family. I must say that the country we are going to create is the extended family, which is why I call it heaven. If there is no very close relationship between people in the country, then it cannot be called heaven

In addition, it is not by accident that we appeared on the earth, and we are shouldering great tasks related to immortality. There are two types of immortality, one is dynamic and the other is static. Those without free will only know the static immortality, static immortality is really just a place of death, only dynamic immortality is truly immortality

2020-01-04 King Eca