Humans have almost no Free Will

All creatures, including humans, have almost no free will because the environment and experience determine the behaviours of creatures

You may have questions:

  • What is free will
  • Do humans have free will

I must tell you a fact you may not know:

Basically, human beings have no free will

Not just human beings, all creatures only have very little free will

A person with free will means being free to do things in various ways, but people usually only do what most people are used to and what they are used to

Your thoughts and behaviours are not so different from those of other people in the world. The environment and your experience determine how you think and behave

Since creatures have very little free will, to simplify sentences, I sometimes will use statements such as "creatures have no free will", and you should know that it does not mean that creatures have absolutely no free will

Trump has relatively more free will than other politicians

Let me give you an example. There is one person, most people know his name, that is, the current U.S. President Trump. Compared with other politicians, Trump has relatively more free will

Why do I say that Trump has relatively more free will? Because he does a lot of things differently, compared to other politicians, he is special and smarter in some things. If you hate him or love him, then you already know what makes him special

If you want to raise a smarter daughter, it is best to encourage her to do anything differently. You will be happy for a very smart daughter, at the same time you must be mentally prepared, she will do things you are not used to and make you unhappy, and she may sometimes make mistakes. We can not ask someone to be smarter, but at the same time not to do things that others are not used to (that is, don't make others unhappy)

I know that human beings do not have free will, and only a small percentage of people have a little more free will who may understand what I am saying and are willing to follow me. If there is heaven above the sky, the gate of heaven is not open to everyone

AggressivelySweet said:

The Trump part doesn't make sense to me, how does Trump have more free will than other politicians? You mean he practices his free will more than others? Because anybody else can speak freely just like him, so he does not have more free will than others

King Eca:

Some readers still don't understand that a smarter person may do things that others are not used to and make others unhappy, the good news is that they may provide some evidence for my point. Well, you can choose an ordinary person to be your president, she won't do many things that upset you, but your country may be defeated by others

How to find "Heaven"

Suppose there are two people with the same IQ called Right and Left. Left is willing to do things that most people are not used to, and willing to do things that she is not used to, then Left may find things that most people don't find, that is, Left may be smarter in some things

Now let King Eca conclude:

If there is a heaven above the sky, then only those who like to do things in different ways have a chance to enter it because only they have a chance to find it

Creatures have no free will in evolution

The environment and experience determine the behaviours of creatures, so I don't think creatures have much free will

If the creature has much free will, the creature will do things that are not currently used to for a long-term evolutionary goal. For example, to evolve into humans millions of years later, orangutans are now actively practising upright walking...but we have never observed such instances

All the facts we know today show that the evolution of creatures is determined by environment, the changing environment forces the creature to change their behaviours, causing them to evolve in time. This shows that creatures have no free will in evolution

Evolution is the most important thing for all creatures (most people probably don't realize it, don't forget that you don't have free will:), can you imagine that you still live like an orangutan? Creatures do not have free will in evolution, then basically, we can say that creatures do not have free will

AggressivelySweet said:

With modern technology which is always advancing, humans have a literal direct impact/control on evolution just when you consider gene editing and how we can modify the DNA of other humans, creatures and plants

King Eca:

Biological evolution has two directions: upward evolution and downward evolution. For example, evolution from orangutans to humans is upward evolution. Because humans don't know the direction of their evolution, even if humans have gene-editing technology, they cannot change the megatrend. Therefore, humans may still have no free will in evolution

Update: I have read some reviews online and no one surprised me. Of course, I know common philosophical views, I don't need to write this article if I'm satisfied with them. Although this article is short and imperfect, it is always better than nothing

2020-01-03 King Eca