The Universe is made up of Pictures

You may have heard that the Universe is made up of normal matter, dark matter and dark energy, but it is actually made up of pictures

Why do we need pictures theory

Although modern physics provide us with a lot of information about the universe, we can never understand the nature of the universe without the theory of pictures

What is picture

When you see your mother, you immediately know that she is your mother, why?

This is because you have a database containing records (pictures), some records (pictures) are related to your mother, you compare the current record (picture) with historical records (pictures) and then know if she is your mother

A record is a brief feeling for yourself and the environment, and King Eca call it a picture. For humans, a picture is mainly composed of visual information

The relationship between pictures theory and physics

When you have a new picture, it must be accompanied by some changes/new actions. It's easy for a man to understand this. When he sees a sexy girl, he will know that something has changed

Correspondences between pictures and things movement:

  • New pictures always bring new movements
  • Vice versa

Physics studies the laws of motion of things, but from the perspective of the object itself, there is no motion without pictures

In short, no picture no motion, no motion no picture

The Universe is made up of motion/pictures

Physicists say the universe consists of normal matter, dark matter, and dark energy, we cannot say that this is completely wrong, but in reality, there is nothing in the universe, only space in motion. In other words, the universe consists of space in motion. No picture no motion, we can also say that the universe consists of pictures

Atoms, plants, our bodies, the earth, the sun ... all made up of pictures

Some people may think this way: I touched my body and felt it was real, so it was n’t composed of pictures

But our bodies are made up of atoms, and atoms are made up of space in motion. We think the human body is real because the electrons in the atom are moving at high speed. We feel our bodies are real, this is just a feeling, this feeling is also part of the picture

God(the Universe) doesn't know physics

People can eat, walk, sweep the floor and write, which is not difficult for us. But building such a robot that is as flexible as humans is very difficult. You can't build such a robot in 100 million years

When we learn to write, we don’t need to learn complex physics first. Instead, we can automatically learn skills through pictures.

But the machine has no pictures. When you want the machine learning to write, you must first apply complex physics to produce simulated pictures. But modern physics is only a subset of pictures theory, which determines that humans cannot create robots as flexible as humans

If the name of the Universe is God, I can say that God does not know physics because she does not need it

Humans have almost no free will

In previous articles, I talked about the fact that human beings have almost no free will and many people cannot understand the point. Now if you understand the pictures theory I'm talking about here, you will have a deeper understanding of the free will

  • From the perspective of time, a person's pictures are composed of the historical pictures plus the current picture. Historical pictures cannot be changed, which determines that one's free will is very limited

  • From a spatial perspective, any person's pictures contain the environmental part and his body. It is difficult for a person to change the environment or his body, which also determines that a person's free will is very limited

Pictures theory helps us build the greatest country

Since humans have almost no free will, this determines that people may not know how to build an ideal government. Pictures theory reminds us of the truth of the universe, which will help us build an ideal government

2020-01-18 King Eca