How to submit software/solution to

Humans may not have much free will

Your thoughts and behaviours are not so different from those of other people in the world. The environment and your experience determine how you think and behave

We can increase our free will by doing something special

People with special personalities are free-willed people and software with special personalities are free-willed software

What makes different

There are many software download sites in the world, other than, nothing special

  • Anyone can submit software/solution to EasiestSoft, not just the author of the software, example

  • is not an ordinary software download site, but a software-related solution provider for beginners

    In most cases, people search for solutions to help them get their work done quickly, and once we realize this, we focus on providing very detailed tutorials/solutions for beginners, not just list many software names on site

  • Submit your software/solution in markdown file format, no need to prepare a PAD file, no need to fill in the online form. Say goodbye to the old software download sites. Let's fly now

  • Submit software/solution on github. This is the 21st century, why do you still need to sign up again and again on the software download sites? waste time

We prefer special software (Free-willed software) is a special website, of course, we prefer special solutions/software

  • The software may not be the best to do one thing, but it is so special to accomplish such a thing, just submit it to us with a detailed guide

  • You know a solution that can easily accomplish a specific task, and there are no very detailed tutorials on the web, and you don't want to maintain a personal blog yourself, you can submit it to EasiestSoft

  • A software with special User Interface, not everyone likes it, but you love it, you can write a beginner-friendly guide for it and send it to EasiestSoft

  • Other special reasons that you think are worth pushing the solution to the world

Main steps to submit software/solution to EasiestSoft

  • Fork us on GitHub
  • Create your feature branch (git checkout -b how-to-do-something)
  • Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Submit how-to-do-something')
  • Push to the branch (git push origin how-to-do-something)
  • Create a new Pull Request on

How to write a solution on a local PC:

  • Determine the parent directory

    • web directory: for cross-platform solutions (Windows, Mac and Linux), or server side/web related solutions
    • win directory: Windows-specific solutions
  • Create a solution directory under web or win folder

    • For example web/best-software-find-replace-text-in-multiple-files

      best-software-find-replace-text-in-multiple-files is the solution directory, it should be relevant to the search keywords, and contains at least 5 English words separated by -. The directory name should not begin with a number(0-9) or a-

      Be careful not to insert the software brand or name in the file name

  • Create sub-directories and

  • consists of 5 parts

    • Title

       This is the document title relevant to the search keywords (usually there is no software brand or name here)

      Don't use the following syntax, this is a bad syntax design:

       # This is the article title relevant to the search keywords
    • Description

      For example:

      Find all files in a directory, replace text, preview results, optional regular expression mode - freeware _VS Code_
    • Download

        [Free Download(Windows, Mac and Linux)](

      Don't use the following syntax, it is ugly:

        ## [Free Download(Windows, Mac and Linux)](
    • Main document

    • footer, the last line of the document, for example:

      2019-12-22 King Eca

      • Date format: YYYY-MM-DD, should be on the far left of the last line
      • Author: your name
  • stars: introduce yourself to the reader (optional)

    Create a folder under stars directory, name it with your name, for example:


    The file is only relevant to you, such as your contribution, where you live, things you are interested in...

    You can link to the in your contribution like this:

    2019-12-22 [Donald Trump](../../stars/donald-trump/

Host binaries on

Currently, we do not host binaries, but we can do it if one of the following conditions is met:

  • Portable freeware with a binary file size less than 5MB, and set the EasiestSoft solution URL as the software homepage
  • A special and small size freeware, the author does not have a personal website or the author may abandon the homepage soon
  • Other special cases


  • All directory names and file names should be lowercase
  • We do not accept commercial software, Adware, Malware, video converter/editor
  • Solutions that link to unsafe pages or non-https pages will be rejected
  • Usually, we only accept English interface software, unless people can use it by following your very detailed tutorial
  • You can zip compress and send your solution to email address: with the subject submit the-solution-folder-name If you don't want to use GitHub