Easiest Free Media Splitter for Windows

One Drag and Drop to split your video/audio into clips/parts/segments/pieces based on duration

Easiest way to split a media file into equal parts on Windows :

  • Rename the video to start with number-clips, for example 4-clips_video_name.mp4
  • Run Easiest_Splitter.exe
  • Drag and Drop the video into the software window
  • The clips will be saved to the output-4-clips_video_name folder next to your video

Free Download (Ver 19.12)

  • Freeware, No registration required
  • 100% Clean, no Spyware, Adware or Malware
  • Portable, All the files required to run the app reside in a folder
  • Easiest way to split video/audio into several parts
  • Works with 32 bit or 64 bit Windows system

EasiestSoft Free Media Splitter

How to rename a media(video/audio) file

  • Right-click on the file and select Rename

    Or left click to select it then press F2

  • Press the Home button to move the cursor to the beginning

    Or press the left arrow key to move cursor to the beginning

  • Enter 4-clips or something else. all of the following names are valid:

    • 4 clips
    • 4_clips
    • 4-CLIPS

    You can replace clips with parts, pieces or segments (If you have any suggestions, please contact us, we can add new words in the next version)

Suppose you have a one hour video video.mp4, rename the video to 4-clips-video.mp4, and then drop & drop it to Easiest Free Media Splitter, you will get four video clips, 15 minutes each

One Drag & Drop to Split Video/Audio Media

How to install Easiest Free Media Splitter

  1. Click Free Download on this page to download it
  2. The setup file is just a self-extractor, click it to extract the file to the current directory
  3. Click Easiest_Splitter.exe to run the program

Some notes

  • Version number 19.12 indicates that it was released on 2019-12
  • It Splits media file based on the duration of the video/audio
  • This is the Easiest but simple software, if you need more powerful video editing features, please consider using EasiestSoft Movie Editor for Windows


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