Easiest Free Video End Cropper for Windows

Batch crop/trim/cut the end off video/audio files, remove off last seconds/minutes of wmv avi mov mkv mp3 and other formats, leaving the rest intact

Easiest Batch Video/Audio Trimmer from end on Windows

If you have a 10 minute video clip, you want to crop off last 2 minutes, keep the first 8 minutes of it

  • Rename the video to start with 2-minutes or 2-min, such as 2-min_video_name.wmv
  • Run Easiest_Video_End_Cropper.exe
  • Drag and Drop the video into the software window
  • The Result will be saved as cropped-end-2-min_video_name.wmv

Free Download (Ver 19.12.10)

  • Freeware, No registration required
  • 100% Clean, no Spyware, Adware or Malware
  • Fully Portable software
  • Easiest way to trim the end of any video/audio formats
  • For 32 bit or 64 bit Windows systems

EasiestSoft Free Video End Cropper

How to rename a video/audio file

  • Right-click on the file and select Rename

    Or left click to select it then press F2

  • Press the Home button to move the cursor to the beginning

    Or press the left arrow key to move cursor to the beginning

  • Enter number-seconds or something else. all of the following names are valid:

    • 4 second
    • 4_sec
    • 4-MINUTES
    • 4min
    • 5 min 4 sec
    • 5 sec 4 min

That is:

  • It is not case sensitive
  • There is no difference between _ - space or empty
  • min = minutes = minute
  • sec = seconds = second
  • ms = milliseconds = millisecond

milliseconds / ms option is also available, name the file as 321-ms-name.mov to cut off 321 milliseconds from the end of the .mov format file

How to trim video from the end

How to quickly Crop the end off 98 wmv videos

Donald tu:

I have 98 wmv video files and I want to cut(remove) the last 5 seconds of all videos, what should I do ?

King Eca:

You can rename each wmv video to start with 5 sec and then drag and drop all videos into Easiest Free Video End Cropper

Donald tu:

Renaming 98 wmv videos manually will drive me crazy, is there a faster way ?

King Eca:

You can use a batch rename tool to quickly rename many files, but I have a solution that no longer needs to rename your videos

Donald tu:

Trimming my videos from the end in baches without renaming them? I can't imagine this, Easiest Free Video End Cropper has the simplest User Interface, and it seems the only thing I can do with it is drop & drop files to it

King Eca:

You can rename the executable before running it. Rename Easiest_Video_End_Cropper.exe to 5_sec_Easiest_Video_End_Cropper.exe and then any video/audio dropped to it will be trimmed 5 seconds off from the end

Donald tu:

Gosh, this is an amazing solution, you saved me a lot of time. I have another question, if I want to crop 2 minutes from the end of 3 videos(that is, the other 95 videos will be trimmed from the end for 5 seconds), do I need to drag and drop them separately?

King Eca:

No, you don't, you just need to rename these videos to start with 2-min, then drag and drop all 98 videos to Easiest Free Video End Cropper

How to install Easiest Free Video End Cropper

  1. Click Free Download on this page to download it
  2. The setup file is just a self-extractor, click it to extract Easiest_Video_End_Cropper.exe to the current directory
  3. Click Easiest_Video_End_Cropper.exe to run the program
  4. When running it for the first time, it may need to download dependencies from the Internet, please wait for the download complete

Some notes

  • Version number 19.12 indicates that it was released on 2019-12. This is the easiest way to know if a new version is available
  • This is the Easiest but simple software, if you need more powerful video editing features, please consider using EasiestSoft Movie Editor for Windows

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