Easiest Steganography Tool for Windows

Portable Steganography encoder/decoder Application for Hiding data/text/txt in png images

Drag and Drop two files to hide data, drag and drop one file to decode. This is an easy-to-use tool you have never seen

You cannot view the hidden text in an image with a hex editor because the text has been converted by binary operations. There is no text encryption by default, but the software will detect the name of the executable, if the executable name is changed, the new executable name will be used as the key to encrypt and decrypt the text

Free Download (Ver 20.01.29)

  • Freeware, No registration required
  • 100% Clean, no Spyware, Adware or Malware
  • Fully Portable software with only one executable file
  • For 32 bit or 64 bit Windows systems

EasiestSoft Steganography Tool

The files used in the following examples can be downloaded from here I assume you have downloaded and unzipped it next to Easiest_Steganography

How to hide text/message data in image .png

Launch Easiest Steganography Tool, drag and drop box.png and secret.txt files into its window

The output file out-box.png is the magic image you need to save well

Drag and drop out-box.png to Easiest Steganography Tool will decode your secret message to out-secret.txt

How to encrypt text txt in png image

Steganography: hide an image in another image

Drag and Drop box.png and secret.png to Easiest Steganography Tool, the output file is out-box.png

Keep in mind that the file size of box.png must be more than four times the size of the secret file secret.png

For example, secret.png is 20 KB, the box.png should be more than 80 KB

Steganography: hide audio mp3 in .png image

Drag and Drop box.png and secret.mp3 to Easiest Steganography Tool, the output file is out-box.png

You can now delete secret.mp3 and drag and drop out-box.png into Easiest Steganography Tool to get it back

How to Encrypt my secrets using EasiestSoft Steganography Tool

Donald tu:

Is there a way to encrypt my secrets

King Eca:

Why do you want to do that? if you open out-box.png with a text editor, you cannot find any information about your secrets

Donald tu:

If anyone finds my out-box.png, just drag and drop it to Easiest Steganography Tool to get my secret.txt file

King Eca:

If you place out-box.png with many images, it is difficult to find out which image contains the secrets

Donald tu:

He can try these pictures one by one using Easiest Steganography Tool

King Eca:

How did he know that one of the pictures was processed using Easiest Steganography Tool, generally, he will not get your secrets if he uses other Steganography applications

Donald tu:

What if she knew one of my photos was processed using EasiestSoft

Easiest Steganography Tool has the simplest User Interface, and it seems the only thing I can do with it is drop & drop files to it, it doesn't even have a place for me to enter my key

King Eca:

But it can still use the key you provided to encrypt your secrets

Donald tu:

I can't imagine this is possible

King Eca:

You can first rename the executable Easiest_Steganography to another name, such as dcba_eas, and performs other operations as usual, but your secrets are encrypted

Donald tu:

Gosh, it's easy. Just rename the executable before running, the new name (without extension) is my key, right?

King Eca:

You are so smart. You must also know how to decrypt your secrets

Donald tu:

Of course! I will write down my key dcba_eas, and rename the executable to the original name

King Eca:

Pays more to get more, anyone follows this rule:

  • Now you need to keep the key safe, if you lose the key, you will lose the secret file

  • Extra encryption will increase the size needed to store the information

    Usually, you need to prepare a 410 KB box.png to hide the 100 KB secret.txt file, but now you need to prepare a box.png over 800KB

How to install the Easiest Steganography Tool

  1. Click Free Download on this page to download it
  2. The setup file is just a self-extractor, click it to extract Easiest_Steganography.exe to the current directory
  3. Click Easiest_Steganography.exe to run the program

Version history

  • Version 20.01.29

    • Hide file into .png images (.jpg or .bmp images are no longer supported)
    • Now it supports Unicode file names
  • Version 19.12.13 - first release

    • You can hide secret file into .png, .jpg or .bmp files
    • Bug: Image file name/path can only be ASCII (English) characters

Version number 19.12 indicates that it was released on 2019-12. This is the easiest way to know if a new version is available


End-User License Agreement for EasiestSoft Freeware

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